Table tennis has many factors to be studied; many important scientists and the NASA had made many studies about this complicated sport in many aspects, starting from how the physics intervene in muscular and mental factors of table tennis. This sport has 3 principal features which are the physics including the gravity, Magnus effect, newton laws, etc. the other one are mental processes in which are included brain structures, strategies and the benefits of these sport to the brain. Finally in the 3rd point is the muscular part, starting from the meal plan, physical preparation and muscular use and conjunction.
     Table tennis is a very interesting sport to be studied because of its lots of physical phenomena such as the most important, gravity which has been studied through  hundreds of years, and how this sport can defies many of its laws; the biggest studies of important associations as NASA and their positive and negative conclusions in table tennis players, also the role of Magnus effect which could explain the important role of air in this and many other sports; finally the spin, the complement of gravity and Magnus effect so without this table tennis couldn’t be as wonderful as it is.
     Table tennis is a very complex sport because of its use of body and mind. Table tennis is an intelligent sport because of the use of many brain structures focusing on left and right hemisphere. There are also the many styles of playing this sport and the different strategies in order to know how to play with each kind of player; finally are of strategies evidenced specially in professional table tennis players. In conclusion to be a very good table tennis player you need to have a lot of strategies in order to be a changing player and never repeat the same strategy with tour opponent, concentration also plays a fundamental role here where before each match is recommended to make the brain training in which you imagine in your mind how is going to be the match sequence by sequence; this is a form to get relaxed and in the same time being concentrated and prepared for the match. The most but incredible form of training to be most skillful is once or twice a week train with the left hand approximately 30 minutes, this is demonstrated that make use of almost the complete brain, including the left hemisphere.
     Table tennis has a general use of muscle structures, physical preparation and the meal plan. All of these components may vary according the sport, but in table tennis this components are more complex than many other sports. This makes that this sport need a more specific and specialized preparation in all kind of aspects, as the physical and mental part. Many studies said that some sports are easier than others because we suddenly make similar actions in our normal life, for example: kicking a rock in the street are principles of soccer, also throwing things like a ball or trash to the air or to a basket are principles of basketball, so in conclusion, we unconsciously have an idea of this sport and that’s why this are one of the most practiced sports in the world, because of its complexity. Table tennis differ from this sports because instead of only be focused in force, movements, etc. this sport is done by fine movements and an elaborated technique which is highly influenced by mental processes such as making strategies in order to win a point, and that’s why it requires a special preparation.
     Table tennis is the best sport in the world because of the combination of all mental and muscular structures combined with physics, which many other sports don’t have. It’s the second most complete after swimming, but the 1st that combines all the features, so that everybody could play it and be part of this magnificent sport; that as other sports, it is not only focused in physical or mental attributions, the proposal of all sports is to unify people and the world.

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